Ahhhhhhhhh.....back to the PLAV!!!!!  Pork chops, scallop potatoes, grean beans and cherry cheesecake for dessert.  I guess the post-holiday diet will have to wait until March.   President Pelz called the meeting to order, assigning opening duties to Tom W. (4-Way Test), Don W. (Song), & Lori (Prayer).  Yours truly walked in during the pledge, and it appeared that whoever led did an excellent job.   

Visitors:  Michelle Z. 

Visiting Rotarians:  0

Calendar update:

Jan 4th - Fish Fry - Wind Hill

Mar. 17 - St. Pat's Parade

April 18 - District Conference

B-days/Anniversaries:  Bill & Lori - January 8th


The following rotarians were recognized for their many years of perfect attendence:

Don Weingart:  57 years 

When Don started his perfect attendence streak, this is what was going on in the world:  Winston Churchill resigned as prime minister of Great Britain, Richard J. Daley becomes mayor of Chicago, the Salk polio vaccine receives full approval from the FDA, ABC broadcasts a "sneak peek" of Disneyland - which had yet to open, "Gunsmoke" debuts on CBS, actor James Dean is killed in a car accident, in Montgomery, AL Rosa Parks refuses to give up her bus seat to a white passenger and is arrested, and Brian Thoma's mother celebrated her 7th birthday!!!!!

Don Arvidson:  48 years

Denny Welter:  34 years

Mystery Handshaker: Lori

Happy Dollars: Lori & Bill (Anniversery), Karen(Mexican trip), Terry (Christmas with grandbaby), Mike(Christmas in FL), and Lorrain (upcoming 3 months in FL)

F & F: Chief Tony stumped almost nobody with trivia on significant events in January.  Dig a little deeper next week Tony!!!

Make-Ups - Denny Welter, Richmond (In a speedo????)

Program: Mayor Low gave an update on "what's happening" in McHenry

Sullivan Foods deal fell through

Possible suiter for the Borders and old Wal-Mart properties

Buffalo Wild Wings will be going in next to Olive Garden

Dog Park will open next to Kohls

Fort McHenry will be refurbished this Spring

Reorganization of the Police Dept Admin.

Finance - the city's budget is balanced

50/50: No drawing today - We left the marbles at MCC.