President Thoma welcomed 24 that came to the meeting on this absolutely gorgeous August  day.  Brian called upon Lori Lowe to start us in the Pledge, Ron Bykowski blindly lead a perfect 4-way test, Don Weingart  started us of in song and Mike Hein said a Prayer.

Visitors     Dorothy Arvidson and Janice Bartman       Visiting Rotarians   none


Sept. 4th   lunch will be at St. Paul’s Church, with Bill McLemore.

Oct. 18th  Rotary NW sector Corn Stalk Shuffle 5 –k

Nov. 26th  7:30 am  Fellowship Breakfast West Campus



Donna Schafer gave us an update on the first annual Fellowship Breakfast.  The collaboration of several service organizations expects 300 to join together at the West Campus cafeteria, with food prepared by the cafeteria staff.  The speaker will be Kit Carstens on what it means to be from McHenry.  


Make-ups  none

Mystery Hand shaker-    Bob Blake

Happy Dollars   Donna for the McHenry Township Fire Department 75th anniversary party last Saturday in Veterans Park, Lori for today being the 15th anniversary of Bills marriage proposal,

 Bill figured he also should be happy, Bartmann because he drove Janice to the meeting today,

And they are heading north after the meeting, Hargrove for Chicago finally having s great baseball team after the little league world series,

Fun & Frolics   Diana Mark  fined everyone with questions on Blues Music .  It was interesting to learn that Blues evolved from the cotton fields and that drums and horns were not allowed out of fear of communication.  Chicago has the biggest Blues festival and is home to some of the biggest Blues Bands.  

Program     Pat Wirtz on the Petersen Farm, at Petersen Park and the Colby – Petersen Farm

 Foundation.  See accompanying story by Wm. McLemore.

50/50   Don Arvidson had the ticket, his wife Dorothy drew $

Can’t wait to try some of Bills home cooking next week. The old world family  spaghetti  recipe with garlic bread sounds even better than a big T-bone steak !  

See you at St. Paul’s Church next Thursday !!                                    D.T.