President Thoma welcomed 17 Rotarians to the weekly lunch meeting at the McHenry Country Club.  Brian assigned opening duties to Hargrove, who started us in the Pledge, Ossler lead the 4-way test,  Weingart  started us of in song and Hein said a Prayer.

Visitors      none       Visiting Rotarians  none


Sept. 4th   lunch will be at St. Paul’s Church, with Bill McLemore.


Oct. 18th  Rotary NW sector Corn Stalk Shuffle 5 -k



Please keep Terry Fitzgibbon’s wife, Erin in your thoughts and Prayers as she recovers from Surgery.

Make-ups  none

Mystery Hand shaker-    Everyone paid a dollar as Brian named a very timely Kathy Pelz, who showed up just in time to be named the hand shaker.

Happy Dollars   President Thoma was happy to see his daughter Colleen off to college and for prevailing in poker against Sweeney last Thursday, Bill for a safe 4 day trip to Walden Lake Mi. with Lori, any yours truly for having a laugh when seeing the other guy that Weingart tangled with lasts week, his wife Rose Mary looked like she fared better, since see sported one less black eye than Don.

Fun & Frolics   Lori Lowe’s topic was the historic McHenry Dam. Great topic and it was fun to learn that the original dam was constructed in 1907, the locks are from 1937 and that the new locks will cost $16 million.

Program     Phil Sweeney accepted the ALS ice bucket challenge that Mayor Sue threw out to him.   Make sure you watch the attached video of  Phil and this heartwarming event J


50/50   The chance to win the $18 pot went to a soaked Phil Sweeney, who came up dry.