President Thoma welcomed everyone, including our District Governor, Ellen Young.  26 attended  today’s meeting as  Brian called upon yours truly to lead the Pledge, Webb the 4-way test, Song Meister Weingart the song and McLemore said the Prayer.

Visitors       Jan Bartmann      

Visiting Rotarians  Governor Ellen Young  , AG Don Brewer and  Paul Metivier,  District Polio Rep.


Sept. 4th   we are all graciously invited to St. Paul’s Church, to have lunch on Bill McLemore.

Oct. 18th  Rotary NW sector Corn Stalk Shuffle 5 -k


The Club presented the St. Paul Diaper Bank with a check for $948 today, the donation was the result of this year’s Bags Tournament and the Tips from the BB&B beer tent.  

We receive our District Grant in the amount of $3,750.00

We honored Don Weingart for his WWII efforts, as he made grenades during the war and Bob Blake for being a Veteran.

Make-ups  none

Mystery Hand shaker-   Governor Young

Happy Dollars  Schaefer for kayaking up north and her new found passion for painting as she attended a painting party, Sweeney for tonight’s poker where he plans to take money once again from Thoma, and yours truly for Sundays Spirit of 45 event, Kathy’s great letter thanking all that helped during the BB&B and the McCracken Field Bleachers will be ready for the Marian Football game.


Fun & Frolics  Thoma once again threatened to filled in with questions on historical events.  After one question everyone just agreed to pay a buck.

Program    Governor Ellen Young.  See attached story by Wm. McLemore

50/50   The two week old pot was up to $12.00  Chief Huemann had the ticket but not luck.   

Presidential Quote:   Even a broken clock is correct twice a day,  Brian noted as he listened to Sweeney poker pregame talk.