President Pelz welcomed 28 to the lunch at the County Club.   Kathy called upon Mike Low to lead the Pledge, Vyduna the 4-way, Weingart the Song and Lori a Prayer. 

Visitors  Michelle Z.

Visiting Rotarians Ed Haag, Schaumberg


June 27th  Tom Webb’s Club President, installation Luncheon.

July 18th  Picnic in the Park, dinner at 6 pm

July 20th  Bags Tournament.

August 2nd – 4th  BREW, BREWS and BBQ.

Augusts 3rd,  5k run for youth.

Announcements  Tickets for the BB&B will be available for pre-sales by July 1st., we are at $13,000 and looking for a lot more, so get the word out!   

We received a thank you from Fish for the $600 donation from our Petersen foundation fund.

 Next week we will have the final vote for next year’s officers as follows:  Webb- Pres., Thoma-Pres. Elect., Huemann-V.P., Fitzgibbon-Sec., and Juergensen-Sec.

 Webb needs a head count next week for the installation  lunch Steak Fry on 6/27/13 .


Mystery Hand shaker- President Pelz

Happy Dollars  Bartmann heading to Arkansas with the whole family, McLemore for flying to Atlanta for Father’s day,  Thoma who plans to school Sweeney tonight in poker, Sweeney for the Hawks win, Hargrove for the storm passing thru, Donna for her new Kayak buddy , Kathy for Dianna going without a cigarette,

Fun & Frolics  Jim Vyduna used the basics of Hockey.  Jim fined all with facts such as the puck has a 3” dia.,  is 1” thick and must be frozen, the rink is 200’ long and 85’ wide, a stick is 63” long, there are 3 periods at 20 min. and there are 33 refs in the league.  Jim did a great job for a guy that new nothing about hockey before today

Program  Tom Wendt,  DreamBuilder Coach.   See attached story by Bill McLemore.

50/50  $50 in the pot, Ardvison had the ticket, but not the white marble.

 The Rotary Foundation year ends this month, see Bartmann if you would like to make a  donation to fund this very worthwhile cause and become a Paul Harris Fellow today.