President Webb welcomed 21 to the meeting and assigned opening duties Huemann, Mark, Weingart and McLemore.


Visitors  Hanna Schaefer, Donnas daughter          Visiting Rotarians   0


June 26th  installation lunch at the Country Club.

July 17th Picnic in the Park

July 19th Bags Tournament noon Riverside and Rt 120

August 1st, 2nd and 3rd BLUES, BREWS AND BBQ’S.

Sept. 4th Rotary lunch meeting at St. Paul’s, hoisted by Bill McLemore

Announcements .

Congratulations to Denny Welter as he was awarded a Paul Harris plus one today.

We receive a thank you from the Johnsburg DECA club for our donation that helped sponsor their trip of 14 students who traveled to competition in  Georgia, placing 20th.

Make-ups  none reported

Mystery Hand shaker-    Ron Newman

Happy Dollars     Kathy Pelz for her brand new Grandchild Clair Marie, Karen Lavin for a week in Cozumel diving with her son at Diana’s condo,  Lori for her new Parish Administrator and getting rid of the temporary one (Bill), Ron Newman for his friend Sandy getting a ticket and the officer thinking the 8 yr old grandson in the car was her son. 

Fun & Frolics  Jim Vyduna  used  the who’s who of Rotary and next years theme of Light Up Rotary to fine everyone.

Program   Roy Stoppenbach – Midnight Carboys Home Brew Club, Crystal Lake, IL. .   See

 accompanied story by Bill McLemore.

50/50    Chief Huemann had the ticket, but no luck.  Next week’s ticket holder will have a chance at $73.00