President Webb rang the Rotary Bell, called our meeting to order and delegated opening duties to  27  to Donna Schaefer, leading us in Pledge, Cheryden Juergensen lead the 4-way test, Don Weingart started us in a song and  William McLemore said the Prayer.

Visitors  Don from the PLAV      Visiting Rotarians  Jeff Batt -  Pres. of McHenry


May 19th 4:30 Board Meeting  5:00 BB&B Meeting Savings Bank.

August 1st, 2nd and 3rd BLUES, BREWS AND BBQ’S.

Sept. 4th Rotary lunch meeting at St. Paul’s, hoisted by Bill McLemore


Announcements .

The Foundation Board approved $900 toward Kids against hunger, and Karen will plan the upcoming event and we will pack the food purchased to send out.

Make-ups  none reported

Mystery Hand shaker-    is a mystery

Happy Dollars   Were quite numerous as I collected a lot of money in lieu of writing them down.

Fun & Frolics  Everyone threw in a buck as time was limited today

Program   See accompanying stories by Bill McLemore on Visiting Angels Senior Service

Organization,  by Hugh and Sherry McGowan and Jeff Batt introduced four Juniors that

attended the District RYLA event visit today.

50/50    Mayor Low had the ticket and left the white marble in the bag so the $61 pot will grow next week.