President Thoma started with a ring of the Rotary Bell and delegated opening duties to Terry Fitzgibbons who lead us in the Pledge, Phil Sweeney lead us in The 4-way test, Don Weingart started the song and Mike Hein said a Prayer.
Visitors 0 Visiting Rotarians 0
Nov. 17th 4 pm Board Meeting, 5 pm BB&B meeting- Savings Bank on Rt31.
Nov. 26th 7:30 am Fellowship Breakfast West Campus Dec. 4th Christmas Party in lieu of lunch meeting.
Tony Huemann reported on last weeks No More Running Scared event. The weather was perfect, 57 people ran, and there were plenty of great costumes.
We skipped Fun and Frolics and Happy Dollars due to time.
Program Yours Truly on Blues Brews and BBQS. Chair and Co-Chair positions have been identified by the BB&B committee and presented and in the near future emailed out to the Club members. Each month the Club will dedicate a meeting to discuss our main fundraising event. The final amount raised last year is just over $30K. Over all the general consensus is make minor adjustments to the event with the same hours and amount of bands and events. Next year’s event will run Friday July 31st thru Sun. Aug 2nd.
50/50 yours truly drew two colored marbles.