Denis M. Buch, a local general contractor; and Darren Wagner, Sales Manager for the Elm Street Walgreen's, were both inducted into our club by Assistant District Governor, Don Brewer, at the club meeting, Thursday, August 15th, 12:30 P.M., in the McHenry Country Club.
    Phil Sweeney presented Denis Buch for membership and helped pin his Rotary pin on after the induction.  President Tom Webb was the presenter for Darren Wagner and assisted in attached the Rotary symbol to him.  As a matter of interest,  Denis' father, Jerome Buch, was a charter member of the McHenry Rotary Club and earned 40 years of perfect attendance.  Good to see his son becoming a member as well.  Past President, Kathy Pelz, also introduced Mark Bertolozzi, Chief Financialk Officer for McHenry School District 15.   The photo attached to this story shows (Left to right) Phil Sweeney, Denis Buch, Tom Webb, and Darren Wagner.