German Rotarians Bicycle for Rotary Service
     “Rotarians launched from the burg of Bad Vilbel renowned for its mineral springs, on 3 May.  The 527 cyclists – ‘Rotaryians, families, little kids with backpacks,’ according to Angela Schmitt-Glaser, of the Rotary Club of Frankfurt/Main International—got rolling on a 22 miles trek to Franfurt that raise 877,000 Euros in pledge to help end polio and promote children’s health.”  (Read the full article on p. 14)
Frank Buren on Building Generosity
   “Wealth isolates.  Big houses.  Big cars.  No need to ask favors of people.  Perhaps this is what underlies much of the shift in behavior among wealthy individuals.  When we don’t need to interact with others, our ability to imagine their lives diminishes.”  (Read the full article on p. 25)
Damon and White Talk About Water Projects (Cover Story)
   “When we were in India last year, Gary and I had a conversation with a woman who was paying 20 rupees every day to obtain water for her family from the water vendor.  She was also paying 20 rupees a day to use the public toilet in their slum.  She was spending 40 rupees a day for her family for water and a toilet.  If you add that up over the course of a year, it is a tremendous cost.  She took out a WaterCredit loan to build a toilet in her home and to obtain a water connection into her house.”  The article continues to say she’s now paying about the same as she was on her loan, but in two years will pay it off.  (Read the full story on p. 28)
“Facts of the Matter” on Ants
   “Ants can be excellent problem solvers—and ruthless.  To survive, some steal ant larvae from other colonies and use those ants as workers.”  (p. 54)