President Webb rang the bell, calling the meeting to order.  Tom called upon Bob Blake to lead us in the Pledge, Diana Mark - the 4-way test, Don Weingart started us in song and Mike Hein said the Prayer.   We sang Happy Birthday to our Song Meister  Don Weingart who turns 92 this week.


Visitors   0  Visiting Rotarians  0


April 11-13th District Conference Oakbrook Terrace.

April 21st BB&B meeting 5pm Savings Bank.

August 1st, 2nd and 3rd BLUES, BREWS AND BBQ’S.

Sept. 4th Rotary lunch meeting at St. Paul’s, hoisted by Bill McLemore


Paper Products for Fish.   Karen Lavin is heading up a drive for FISH food pantry and would appreciate us donating items including T.P. , diapers, feminine napkins,  baby wipes etc.


The membership Directory is being updated, See Bill McLemore if you need a photo taken and make sure your best phone number is listed.


 St. Pat’s Parade  Sweeney  talked a couple of friends into carrying our BB&B banner with a promise to stop by the Chain-0-Lakes brewery Sunday.  Thanks Phil.


Make-ups  none reported.

Mystery Hand shaker-    Bob Blake, if you didn’t shake Bobs hand you owe a $1.00

Happy Dollars  Donna is heading to Georgia,  Bob Blake for seeing 6 Robins Monday, Karen for Spring and being able to think about a Garden, Bob Martens for the elections being over and I missed why but Tony Huemann was happy.

Fun & Frolics  Donna sprang into action and fined everyone with a Spring agenda.  Donna was surprised that Brian had the answer to her question only to discover he peaked of her shoulder while collecting fines!  A very appropriate topic as our snow banks thawed outside.

Program     Club Assembly.     Discussions took place on donating toward the Granite Vietnam Memorial the class of 64 is placing in Veterans Park.

The BB&B which is partnering with the Midnight Carboys Home Brew Club in Crystal Lake to host a Home Brew Tasting Contest Saturday August 2nd at our event, several sponsor checks have come in making the mailer a success.  We have several vendors signed on including Full Slab, Family affair and National BBQer Coyote Roadhouse.

Tom, Brian and Tony will be attending the District Conference.  Anyone interested see Tom.  


 50/50   President Webb had the ticket, held the marble bag, drew the white marble and won $23.  Is it fair to all concerned ?


Spring has officially sprung  and I hope you all enjoy the long awaited change in the weather !!