Posted by John Halbleib on Sep 19, 2017
On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, Eric Dohrmann (Vocational Service Chair of the Rotary Club of McHenry and Assistant Principal of Johnsburg Junior High School), Andy Reinhard (7th and 8th Grade) and Christine Laudadio (6th Grade)  (JJHS Student Council sponsors),  Denis Buch (Club President) and John Halbleib (Club President-Elect and Foundation Secretary) introduced the ShelterBox USA fundraisers to students and staff at the Johnsburg Junior High School
Eric Dohrmann briefly explained the Rotary Club of McHenry and introduced Denis Buch and John Halbleib.  Denis and John explained Rotary, ShelterBox, and how to donate, presented visual displays relative to ShelterBox USA, showed a brief video, and answered student questions.  Andy Reinhard and Christine Laudadio, Student Council sponsors, explained (1) the upcoming student Fall Dance, (2) the “Penny Wars” that will start soon in the JJHS café, and (3) that profits from the dance and all other donations will go to ShelterBox USA to assist in funding disaster relief for those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. 
From left to right are: John Halbleib (Club President-Elect, Foundation Secretary), Eric Dohrmann (Club Vocational Service Chair, Assistant Principal – JJHS), Denis Buch (Club President)
Presentation to Johnsburg Junior High School assembly:
Rotary and ShelterBox USA
Rotary International and ShelterBox USA are partners providing disaster relief. The United States is the middle of an unfortunate spate of natural disasters.  In Texas and Florida the aftermath of Category 4 Atlantic Hurricanes Irma and Harvey mark the first time two such hurricanes have devastated the United States in the same year.
The Rotary Club of McHenry has encouraged local schools to help disaster relief through ShelterBox USA, which provides (among other relief) shelters within shelters.  This assistance will be used to assist those in Florida affected by Hurricane Irma and those in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey
Florida – Hurricane Irma
Texas – Hurricane Harvey