Don Weingart is one of the Founding Members of the Rotary Club of McHenry.  Our Club was founded on April 12, 1955.  Throughout our history, Don has been and continues to be an active Member. 
We usually begin each of our meetings with a song led by Don.  Recently, Don has been at The Springs at Crystal Lake Rehabilitation Center.  There is agreement that Don’s leadership in song is a tradition we all enjoy.  Here we are at The Springs having our weekly meeting, once again led in song by Don.    
From left to right – Standing: John Halbleib, Mike Low, Phil Bartmann, Lori Lowe, Ron Newman, Tony Huemann, Denny Welter, Don Tonyan Sr., Tom Webb, Denis Buch, Bill McLemore, Ron Bykowski, Don Arvidson, Jim Vyduna, Diana Mark, and Dave Rolow; Seated: Bob Blake (a Founding Member), Don Weingart (a Founding Member) and Dorothy Arvidson; Front Row: Sue Conway Low, Donna Schaefer and Craig Adams