Dr. David A. Shinherr, DC, Director of Orthopedics and Neurology at the Centegra Health Center, gave an information address to the club today, April 4th, on efforts to curb the concussions and cardiac problems in local sports activities.

  Dr. Shinherr noted that his center seeks to encourage various tests of  young athletes to determin their risk of with concussions and cardiac incidents in playing contact sports.  He reminded us that football helmets protect against skull fracture, not concussioin.  The doctor said that testing before experiencing a concussion allows the medical team to retest after such an event to determine the extent of damage to the brain.  His comments were well received as evidenced by the many questions he fielded following his presentation.  Pictured with Dr. Shinherr (center) are members Lori Lowe (left) and Phil Bartmann (right) who greeted him upon his arrival.