Rotary District 6440 held an award ceremony on April 28, 2017.  Generally, awards are determined based on the “Tier” to which a Rotary Clubs belongs.  Here are the “Tiers”: “Tier awards are based on Club membership as of July 1, 2016
  • Tier I: Under 23 members.
  • Tier II: 23-39 members.
  • Tier III: 40 or more members.”
The Rotary Club of McHenry is in Tier II: 23-39 members.
Awards are determined for each Rotary Avenue of Service, which include: Club, Community, International, Vocational and Youth.  Generally, one Avenue of Service Award was given in each Tier for the best overall achievement in such Avenue of Service.  Thus, for all Five Avenues of Service for the three Tiers there are a total of 15 Avenues of Service Awards for Rotary District 6440.  Rotary District 6440 has approximately 71 Rotary Clubs. 
First, our Club and its Members earned the 2017 Club Service Award for Tier II: 23-39 Members.  The Rotary District 6440 Club Service Award is awarded for the best overall achievement in Club Service/Club Administration, which includes such matters as:
  • officer and Board succession plans (including timely and consistent nomination and election);
  • documents and strategic planning (e.g., Constitution, Bylaws and etc.) review and revision;
  • knowledge of Rotary History;
  • calendar of speakers;
  • “Family of Rotary” matters (e.g., condolence cards, get well cards, birthday cards, and etc.);
  • new Member induction and orientation;
  • online reporting (e.g., attendance, new members, officers, minutes, and etc.);
  • club socials/holiday celebrations/charter night celebrations, and so on;
  • timely payment of dues;
  • Club goals, achievements and other matters
Second, our Club also received the “End Polio Now – Challenge Award” for our contribution of at least $60 per Member.
Congratulations to all Members of the Rotary Club of McHenry for these excellent achievements.
Pictured below is Denis Buch (President-Elect) accepting the Club Service Award.